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I congratulate Mauryan Cabs for completing one year in Bihar. What I like best about Mauryan Cabs is, professionalism they brought into this sector. Being used to world class service Bihar was personally a major let down for me in the service sector. The service industry takes you for a ride, both in terms of quality, and non-clarity or ambiguous methods of billing. That's where Mauryan Cabs has impressed me a lot. Always on time, clarity of everything. So it has not surprised me at all, as they have emerged as leaders in this sector in over a year. I wish them all the best.

Prashant Kumar

Film Maker & Social Entrepreneur

The services of Mauryan are very affordable and enjoyable. Its prompt service makes it unique and one of the most reliable cab service across the state.Thanks Mauryan Cabs for making it possible in Bihar in such a short span of time."I like it n I luv it"

Animesh Jha

Chartered Accountant

There was a time in Patna when you had to think twice before you let your dear ones travel through the road especially if comfort, safety and efficiency were on cards.... Now the table has turned, I came to know about Mauryan Cabs quite some time ago. Here I want to share my experience with you travellers. It's very safe, comfortable; the owners are quite helpful .Indeed it is something that make you feel special that you are a part of Bihar's first radio taxi service... A great step in the making...Thanks

Mayank Singh

Infosys, MBA (IIT Kharagpur)

We, all friends, always prefer Mauryan Cabs over any other taxi service. First thing is its affordable and the most important is the security. We feel safe while travelling with Mauryan Cabs. We had wonderful trips of Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda and other tourists places with Mauryan Cabs.

Puja Pushp

NIFT Patna student

Mauryan Cabs, they know how to deal with their corporate clients. Happy to have this kind of service in Bihar. Very professional.

V. Mahesh

Pepsi Co.


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